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Holy crap, this sumbitch is out of date. Full redesign and rewrite coming soon.

My name is Avram Grumer, this is my personal website, and I chose the name at random using a deck of Morgan's Tarot. If you're not a spammer, you can send me email at avram@grumer.org. If you are a spammer, you probably won't get through my spam filters. Nyah, nyah.

I think this is the fifth major revision of my website layout since I started the thing back in '95. This latest version relies a lot on PHP for automatic generation of recurring structures and on CSS for the appearance.

I live in Brooklyn and work as the webmaster at a Manhattan-based software company. I read lots of comics and science fiction, play role-playing games, and hang out a lot on rec.art.sf.fandom. I'm a lifelong atheist, and though my political views don't fit easily into any popular category, "liberal" has positive connotations for me, and "conservative" negative ones. Emailed screeds are not likely to dissuade me from my positions on these matters. My Kiersy/Myers-Briggs personality type is INTP.

I think comic books are just about the greatest thing in the world (I read mostly independent and a few DC and Image titles; I haven't bought anything from Marvel in years), and that the golden age of painting came just before World War 1.

The gene for liking science fiction runs in the male line of my family -- I've been reading the stuff since early childhood. Every week I help get The New York Review of Science Fiction out into the world.

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